DECEMBER 6th to 12th, 2020

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A coalition of local charities from the Carman area has come together to promote “Smart Giving”. The week of  December 6th to 12th, has been designated as Smart Giving Plan Awareness Week in Carman and surrounding area.

It is hoped that through this promotion it will encourage many generous donors in our community to take full advantage of tax rules, methods of giving, and charity exemptions to capture the maximum benefit for themselves and the charity of their choice.

A smart giving plan means that you:

Decide – what charities are most important to you.

As a family, make conscious effort to choose the charities and projects that mean the most to you, reflect the values you believe in and create the outcomes you desire.

Discover – how your gift can go the furthest for the charity of your choice.

You may be able to direct your gift in a way that targets specific projects and activities, helps the organization limit its fundraising costs and/or focus the time and energy of its volunteers and staff on achieving results instead of fundraising.

Determine – (with the help of financial advisors) the best method of delivering your gift in a way that suits your financial state and lifestyle.

Financial advisors (bankers, lawyers, brokers and accountants) can help determine an approach that maximizes tax benefits and personal objectives. Depending on our stage in life, that could be payroll deduction, annual assessment, pre estate legacy projects or estate plans.

Do it – experience the personal satisfaction of knowing you have made as big a difference as you are able.

It feels good to do good.  Research has concluded that givers live longer healthier lives. Create and follow through on your own Smart giving plan.

A smart giving plan can create the opportunity to redirect income or wealth that would otherwise go to taxes, toward a charitable activity or legacy within our community. Simply put, “Smart Giving” can turn a tax obligation into a community building block through the charity of your choice.

Whether the smart giving plans for your chosen charities include an annual gift, payroll deduction or an estate plan, we encourage families to begin (or continue) a discussion about their charitable goals and objectives, then talk to their financial advisors about how to achieve those objectives most effectively.